Job Seekers

For many, the thought of launching a job search brings about feelings of anxiety and dread.  Where to start?  What is involved in the process?  How do I make sure I am putting my best foot forward?

Often, making the decision to pursue new opportunities is the most difficult part.  Once you have crossed that psychological bridge, the actual process of finding a new job can be both empowering and rewarding - provided you have job search strategy in place.

As with achieving anything important, strategy and preparation are key.  Your objective: to find a role offering professional development and satisfaction while, at the same time, providing opportunity to contribute and thus, have impact.  With something so important, why leave the outcome to chance?

So, how does one go about developing a job search plan?  By breaking the job search process into steps, you can craft an overall strategy to meet your end goal.  Huntington Search Strategies can help you optimize your efforts at any step in the process or coach you through a comprehensive job search strategy.

For any job search strategy, the following are typical stages of the process

  • developing an awareness of professional skill set
  • crafting a clear and effective resume
  • utilizing relevant resources
  • networking
  • researching and approaching target companies
  • preparing for interviews
  • navigating the actual interview
  • negotiating employment offers

Huntington Search Strategies offers assistance ranging from advisory services on specific, discrete steps in the process to full-strategy coaching.   Given myriad technologies available, consultation sessions can take place over the phone, through web-cam appointments, or in person. 


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