Educational Institutions

Augmenting existing Career Resource Office Service Offerings

At times, universities and colleges experience a surge of demand for career help that outweighs available resources. Ever-increasing competition means students are seeking more and more assistance with their job search efforts. Huntington Search Strategies offers educational institutions assistance by augmenting existing career resource programs as well as by providing new services to students.

Job Search and Interview Preparation Seminars
Huntington Search Strategies offers straight-talk seminars (laced with humor for balance) designed to provide students the real-world view on conducting effective job search strategies. Topics covered include:

  • Structuring a job search strategy
  • Preparing both mentally and organizationally for interviewing
  • Inventorying and marketing skill sets effectively
  • Understanding the psyche of companies
  • Coordinating mind, mouth and body during an interview
  • Avoiding interviewing pit falls and recovering from missteps
  • Managing tough questions
  • Standing out and getting to the next step
  • Understanding job search protocol and process

Adjunct Career Advisory Services
Huntington Search Strategies offers School Career Resource Offices the ability to meet varying student demand for career advisory services without incurring the cost of hiring additional full-time staff. Specifically, we can help with existing and new programs including:

  • Mock Phone Interviews
  • In-Person Mock Interviews
  • Cover Letter Construction
  • Developing Job Search / Marketing Plan

Developing Career Resource Programs for Schools

Many schools do not have active Career Resource Offices and yet, students still need assistance with finding internships and full-time employment. Based on extensive experience in recruitment, Gracia Huntington can build any and all Career Resource service offerings to ensure your students receive the very best assistance available. This includes building and managing effective programs as well as facilitating hiring the right professionals to run your programs.

Contact Huntington Search Strategies to discuss your needs and to learn more about possible services available for your institution.



Contact Us
Located in Northern California, Huntington Search Strategies offers all services on an in-person basis where appropriate as well as via telephone and/or through web services. Please contact us for additional information regarding services and pricing.

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