With a career steeped in recruiting and recruiting management, Gracia launched Huntington Search Strategies in 2008 to address individuals' growing need for effective job search tools and interview preparation coaching.

From conducting thousands of interviews and speaking with job seekers, Gracia has learned that many individuals found simultaneously preparing for, and navigating, the job search process to be a daunting challenge - often leading to frustration and less-than-optimal outcomes. Additionally, from hiring managers Gracia has learned, about their frustration regarding hiring qualified individuals with any degree of confidence due to the lack of candidate preparation. As a result, despite possessing the qualifications and credentials for the open role, job seekers often do not proceed to the next step in the interviewing process.

The need for effective job search skills and focused interview preparation has never been as important as it is now, given the state of the economy and the growing competition for available jobs. Huntington Search Strategies was founded to address the unique needs of each job seeker desiring unparalleled job search consultation and direction. Services range from individual steps in the employment process to full-spectrum advisory coaching.

Please see our list of services on both the Job Seekers and Educational Institutions pages and contact us to determine how you can best benefit from a background rich with recruitment experience and expertise.


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Located in Northern California, Huntington Search Strategies offers all services on an in-person basis where appropriate as well as via telephone and/or through web services. Please contact us for additional information regarding services and pricing.

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